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Gevo Credit Management

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Credit management in France by GEVO

Credit management in France or
The management of your French cost centre.
The role of this service provision is to do all we can to ensure that your invoices to your French clients are paid on the agreed due date.
The idea is that prevention is by far the best solution to the scourge of unpaid invoices, accounts past due and needs in terms of collection and legal fees.
When they cross borders, foreign companies find themselves faced with a radically different mentality and way of operating from what they are accustomed to with clients in their own country.
The image of the Frenchman with his beret and a baguette under his arm is totally outdated.
French society, government offices and businesses operate according to traditions, rites and customs that may be totally hermetic to foreigners.
This is the case, among others, with the means of payment used.
The cheque, for example: still today, billions of cheques are made out each year by French companies and individuals to pay their bills.
It is the role of Gevo Credit Management to help you to oil the wheels a little and see to it that your clients pay all of their invoices on time.
We can offer you the following services to help your cash flow:
- Revision and adaptation of your general terms and conditions of sale to the requirements of French Law
- Implementation of administrative channels capable of protecting you from risks and litigation
o   Order form
o   Order confirmation
o   Delivery slip
o   Invoice
- Adaptation of your invoices to French specificities
o   Late payment interest
o   Fixed debt collection charge
o   Reservation of title
o   Clause attributing jurisdiction
- Standard solvency analysis for small amounts outstanding
- Customised financial survey in real time for large amounts outstanding
- Ongoing monitoring and tracking of any changes in the solvency of your clients
- Definition of a credit limit
- Printing invoices
- Printing and dispatch of payment means
- Centralisation of payment means
- Client accounting
- Bank deposits
- Telephone reminders
- Management of litigation
- Analysis of payment behaviours and solvency tracking with advice as to client risk
- Transfer to the debt collection department if necessary
- Del credere agreement
Those of our clients who follow our advice reduce their rate of unpaids to an insignificant level.

Using this solution, GEVO puts its broad knowledge of the French market to good use to ensure the improved management of the risks connected with your business and enable you to obtain the speedy payment of your invoices.

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General Manager
Georges Vonfelt

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