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Numerous companies have chosen to entrust us with the management of their debit items. Discover why they trust us:


"Since 1999, we have chosen to work in collaboration with GEVO. At that time, we were looking for solutions which would enable us to optimise the handling of payments and improve communications with our French customers. We have since developed a very good relationship with GEVO, particularly thanks to its profound knowledge of the French market and the bilingualism of its employees. The effect of this collaboration on the development of our turnover in France is proving to be very positive."

Inge Gusovius, Accountancy.


"As the general agent for France in men's and women's ready-to-wear, I can say that the collaboration with GEVO in matters of invoicing, payments, and client account monitoring runs very smoothly. A French concern with, of course, a thorough knowledge of the specificities of the market, GEVO is capable of finding the best solutions to the problems that this market may pose. Moreover, the information provided by GEVO enables our sales force to be more effective in the field and also frees them from administrative constraints."

H.R. Denysmartin, General Agent France.


"Punctual and efficient follow-up of our customer accounts, a predominant element and driving force in the general context of the commercial management of our French customers. A partnership which enables us to oversee an ongoing exchange of information in an occasionally delicate field."

ROTEX - Délégation Commerciale
BP22 - F-68001 COLMAR Cedex


"Our collaboration with GEVO began in the context of a debt collection contract in 1992. Since then, GEVO has been participating in our development in the French market thanks to its ability to be able to suggest appropriate solutions in each situation. At the present time, GEVO is in charge of assessing the solvency of our clients, the establishment of banker's drafts, collection and everything involved in debit item management (reminders, disputes, etc.). For several years now, we have enjoyed a very positive relationship in a number of areas and continue our efficient collaboration."

Julia Rosik, Accountancy.

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