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International debt collection

Several collection companies offer international debt collection.
What can we offer you more?

We offer you an excellent price quality ratio and the management of your file in the country of the debtor.
No subscription with Sekundi, you work with us due of the Quality of our services and not because you are obliged due to your subscription.

As you know when you have an unpaid bill abroad the best way to collect your money is to act in the country of the debtor.
This is the reason why we created the Sekundi network.
Sekundi is clear and professional.
Sekundi has Quality rules.
Sekundi is a single contact for all the countries.
Sekundi is present in 21 countries.
Sekundi is one tariff for 21 countries.
Sekundi reacts immediately; your file is sent to the country of the debtor through our Intranet System without delay.
Sekundi is also the follow up and the comments in the language of your choice.
Sekundi is able to support your in the amicable and in the litigation process.
And the most important
A unified Tariff for a high quality service.
Every year new partners are joining us.
We are proud to present you our partners member of Sekundi
Germany                           Eurosolvent www.eurosolvent.de
Austria                              Encash www.encash-inkasso.at
Belgium                             Kuik & Partners Credit Management www.kuik.be
Cyprus & Greece               Kosmidis & Partners Solicitors www.rechtsanwalt.gr
Croatia                              Vukmir & Associates www.vukmir.net
Spain                                  SALVAMAT www.salvamat.com
Estonia & Finland              Pappila Penkkala Group www.pappila-penkkala.fi
France                               GEVO France www.gevo.fr
Ireland & United Kingdom  CBC International www.cbc-international.co.uk
Italy                                  Assicom Spa www.assicom.com
Luxembourg                     Maitre Behat
Morocco                            TRACT Consult SARL www.tractconsult.com
Norway                             TOTALKAPITAL www.totalkapital.no
Netherlands                      LAVG www.lavg.nl
Portugal                            BBCS www.bbcs.pt
Poland                               Grupa Kapitalowa Poludnie - Zachód www.pz.com.pl
Romania                            Credit Plus Collection www.creditplus.ro
Switzerland                       BURG Inkasso www.burginkasso.ch
The NETWORK SEKUNDI welcomes a new Partner
We have the pleasure  to present a new Sekundi partner in South America and for the Caribbean Sea , Mexico,Argentina,  Chile, Uruguay,  Brazil ,Paraguay,  Bolivia, Ecuador,  Colombia, le Venezuela, Guyana, and Surinam :
The Company CobroAmericas    www.CobroAmericas.com
 More questions : Georges.vonfelt@gevo.fr or www.sekundi.eu

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